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Megan "Cherry" Kelly



North Jersey

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I started photography in 2017 as a way to take professional looking photos for social media. Since then, I have expanded my photography pursuits to include scenic photography as well as photoshoots.


About Me

I have always known that I was a creative person, meant to bring something into the world that inspires, that moves, that motivates others. My love for music, design, performance, and fashion has followed me throughout my life, always reminding me that it's okay to tell my story. Figuring out where to pin down my passions, however, has been a daunting task. I loved so many beautiful things and experiences around me, how was I to know where I can best express myself to the world in a way that was authentic for me?

It all came down to a simple concept that was under my nose all along: I love to experience the world around me. I love people-watching, admiring a beautiful flower, immersing myself in the senses of a sleepy seaside town. How can I encapsulate the world as I viewed it and share that view with others? Photography was my answer.

What started as a hobby has now become an immersive part of my everyday life. I'm looking for more than just taking pretty photos. I want to create a mood, an aesthetic, a visual representation of a full-body experience that sparks all the senses. I want to help others feel special, like the works of art that all individuals are. At the end of the day, I truly just want to create.

Aside from photography, I am a graduate student and Human Resources professional. I still love performing when I get the chance to, whether it be burlesque, event entertainment, or singing. I live in Morris County, New Jersey with my loving partner and our two incredible cats. I hope to keep my creative passions alive by diving deeper into photography, and would love to create a full-time business out of Forbidden Fruit Studios.

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