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The Story of Forbidden Fruit Studios

Forbidden Fruit Studios is the creative endeavor of Megan Kelly (better known as Cherry Valentine), a multi-talented artist who has been expressing her creativity through numerous mediums for over 15 years. Since 2017, Forbidden Fruit Studios has become an artistic collection of all of her creative efforts, including burlesque, photography, modeling, costuming, culinary efforts, show producing, and more.


Megan registered Forbidden Fruit Studios as an LLC in August of 2022. In order to make the most of her passion project, Megan took classes to develop her skills and gain knowledge of running a small business that included Digital Marketing, UX Design, and Business Development. However, with no singular focus, her efforts became overwhelming, and ended up not panning out in the way she envisioned.


In this new chapter, the studio has transformed into a photography and visual art business, focusing on capturing the beauty of life and creating unique art pieces. Our photography and visual art services offer a diverse range of creative services designed to bring your vision to life. With an eye for detail and a passion for creativity, Megan can create and capture memories that will last a lifetime. We welcome you to explore our services and be part of our creative journey.

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